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Breath Friends Forever: A Mindfulness Story for Kids by Kids (Hardcover)

Breath Friends Forever: A Mindfulness Story for Kids by Kids Cover Image
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From the creators of the hugely successful Master of Mindfulness, this charming children's book for readers ages 4 to 7 tells the story of Nessa and Leo's friendship, and how mindfulness helps them deal with strong emotions such as fear, shyness, and anger.

In Breath Friends Forever, best friends Nessa and Leo share their daily struggles--such as going to the doctor or being told "no" by their parents--as well as powerful mindfulness tips for dealing with big feelings like fear and frustration. Written and illustrated by a diverse group of kindergarten and fourth graders from Reach Academy in Oakland, California and designed by Angelina Manriquez, this fun and engaging book helps young readers learn how to be present in the moment and manage stress in their daily lives.

Through story and images, children will learn the shark fin technique--a powerful and effective tool for fighting stress--as well as the thumb technique, which will help them deal with moments of extreme stress or anger in the moment, when they may not have a lot of time to react or process things. Kids will also learn important emotion regulation skills that will help them thrive, well on into their adult years.

Early childhood is a critical time for brain development, and learning skills for managing emotions and stress early on can set kids up for a lifetime of success. Evidence now shows that age-appropriate mindfulness practices support brain development in ways that promote positive social and emotional learning, increase school readiness, improve self-esteem, and can even help manage behavior issues.

In addition to delighting children, this fun and unique book is a great resource for parents, teachers, early childhood educators, mental health professionals, and health care providers who use mindfulness practices with younger children.

About the Author

Ms.Chasmin Moses, a fourth-grade teacher, is raising her beautiful daughter, Zoe, in her hometown of Oakland, CA. Through enthusiastic participation in two fellowships, Chasmin is putting her MA in urban education and policy to good use, ensuring that community members' voices are heard, and necessary action is taking place. When she is not advocating for educational equity, you can find Chasmin painting by the lake or chasing little Zoe at the park. As a mindfulness teacher, Angelina Manriquez has found her art as a way to reach children beyond the classroom. Through meaningful storytelling that children can relate to, Angelina hopes to transform difficult life experience into healing and movement for all generations to come. Angelina holds a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute, and teaches throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.Laurie Grossman, one of the founders of the mindfulness-in-education movement, has been an activist since 1975. She believes that mindfulness in schools is the tool most likely to help achieve social justice. In 2007, as part of Park Day School's Community Outreach Program, she and two colleagues launched a pilot program of mindfulness in an Oakland, CA, elementary school that was covered in The New York Times and on NBC. Grossman is also cofounder of Mindful Schools, now one of the largest mindfulness-in-education programs in the world. She is currently director of social justice and educational equity for Inner Explorer, an organization focused on bringing daily mindfulness practices into schools to improve educational outcomes and the well-being of teachers and children grades K-12.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781684031689
ISBN-10: 1684031680
Publisher: Instant Help Publications
Publication Date: September 1st, 2018
Pages: 40
Language: English